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We give recognition to individuals, charities and causes to raise awareness, spark conversation and bring solidarity. 100% of profits from our unique Statement Popons® are donated to powerful causes such as mental health, cancer support and more.

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Beautiful jewellery that supports powerful causes

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100% Of Popon Profits Donated

To the cause you choose, supporting leading charities making a big impact.

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Demi Fine Jewellery

From the very beginning, our passion has been to blend sophistication with meaning. Introducing our exquisite Demi Fine Jewellery collection, where each piece is more than just an adornment—it's a statement of recognition for you or someone else.

At Recognised, we bring together beautiful jewellery with powerful causes, so that you can look great whilst recognising the causes and people that mean the most to you. Delve into our Demi Fine Jewellery collection, crafted with meticulous precision to offer a blend of elegance and purpose. Let every piece be a testament to your refined taste and the deeper stories you carry.

Dove Popons

In Support of Mental Health

Sterling Silver Dove Popon Recognised
Gold Vermeil Dove Popon Recognised
Rose Gold Vermeil Dove Popon Recognised

Alphabet Popons

Supporting Those Affected by Cancer

A Alphabet Popon Recognised
B Alphabet Popon Recognised
C Alphabet Popon Recognised
D Alphabet Popon Recognised
E Alphabet Popon Recognised
F Alphabet Popon Recognised
G Alphabet Popon Recognised
H Alphabet Popon Recognised
I Alphabet Popon Recognised
J Alphabet Popon Recognised
Sterling Silver Popon Bangle Recognised
Sterling Silver Dove Popon Recognised
Gold Vermeil Popon Bangle Recognised
Sterling Silver Fine Chain Necklace Recognised