a note from the founder

What cause do you care about? The truth is we all have something we’re particularly passionate about. Whether that’s because we’ve been directly affected by an illness, stood by a loved one through a time of need or been burdened by a cause greater than ourselves. Perhaps you’ve seen first hand the devastaing impact of poverty or heard the story of someone's survival. Whatever it is, whatever the reason, there is an endless list of issues and causes in the world today and we can all do our part in making a difference. The following is a little context to a dream which would surely change my life forever and hopefully the lives of many others.

Since I've been a young girl I’ve always loved playing dress up and using fashion to communicate. In the words of Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle “Fashion is not simply what you wear or an instrument to generate business. It’s something MORE.” From using safety pins to rework just about any outfit to waiting in anticipation for every World Book Day where I could bring my favourite characters to life through fancy dress, I have a huge appreciation for the stories our clothing can tell. Whether you resonate with that or not - we can all agree that we wear clothes and jewellery every day. What if this mundane act or normal could be turned into an extraordinary opportunity to wear what you care about?

This was the dream I had. A dream about a woman who had depression walking into a supermarket. She saw a woman at the checkout wearing a bracelet with a dove on, and in that moment didn’t feel as alone. She found peace in realising someone else was standing with her. Fashion was being used as a way to unite and spark conversation! Recognised was born. We’ve all bought the charity wristbands and worn the t-shirt, but how many of us generally loved those items, how many of us still have them today? At Recognised we believe that products can look good and do good, and starting with jewellery we sincerely hope you agree! In light of all this, one dream inspired Recognised and we spent the summer of 2018 turning that vision into reality. We invite you to join us on our mission to set trends in fashion and social movements. Let's go!

Look good. do good.

Our concept is simple – jewellery can look good as well as do good. We believe there shouldn't have to be a trade-off between style and substance. In fact our mission is to set trends in both fashion and social movements. We aim to raise awareness to important social issues and the causes you care about, through our Statement Popons® - charms designed to support and raise awareness for those that are struggling.


Husband and wife team, Anneka & Joel founded Recognised with a vision to recognise people and the causes they care about. Anneka leads design alongside a team of expert jewellery professionals, with 40 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing of jewellery. 

Recognised is more than another beautiful jewellery brand. We want everyone to feel recognised and empowered to make their statement. By wearing our products you too can make others feel recognised who may see your jewellery and have hope” Joel, Co-Founder