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Recognised is more than a fashion brand... it's a movement, making a widespread social impact. Because when you buy our products you feel good, but when you wear them, others feel better.

Buying a product to champion a cause has become the leading way we give to charity. What if these products which are doing good could also look good, and offer a stylish way to show our support? This is why the Statement Popon® was created. Our Popons are motifs with a motive – designed to be attached to our bangles as your means of making a difference. We offer Popons representing various causes, and when you pop yours on, you’re making a statement. You’re recognising a cause close to your heart, meanwhile 100% of the profits are donated to our partner charities.

R E C O G N I S E  A N D  B E  R E C O G N I S E D

A few years ago, Co-Founder Anneka had a dream about a woman with depression walking into a shop and seeing another woman at the checkout wearing a bangle with a dove on it. In that moment, the woman who had depression no longer felt alone because she saw someone wearing a symbol of what she was going through. She felt recognised... and she thought... ‘you too?’

This is what Recognised is all about – creating a movement of people wearing what they care about in order to increase awareness around causes, spark conversation, and offer solidarity to those facing similar challenges. Imagine – just like in the dream – hundreds, thousands, millions of 'you too’ moments, in our communities and across the world.

We’re on a mission to set trends both in fashion and social movements by:

RECOGNISING CAUSES – using the power of our brand to share the causes you care about.

RAISING AWARENESS – hosting incredible event experiences to spark conversation around causes and build a supportive community offering solidarity.

REIMAGINING GIVING – creating products which are appealing and effective; that look good and do good.


Husband and wife team, Anneka & Joel founded Recognised with a vision to recognise people and the causes they care about. 

Having met in Oxford in 2014, it was immediately clear to both that they shared a passion to use creativity and business for good. In 2018 after hours of conversation talking about launching a brand with social impact at its heart, they decided the time was right. They quit their jobs and began to bring the dream into reality.


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