the movement

what it's all about

Recognised is a social impact brand playing our part in changing the world. By bringing together amazing causes with beautiful products we help you make your statement about the causes you care about.

Our Popons® are motifs with a motive – designed to be attached to our bangles as your means of making a difference. Each Popon® represents a unique cause and enables you to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity. By wearing a Popon® you’re recognising a cause close to your heart, meanwhile 100% of the profits are donated to our partner charities.

We’re on a mission to set trends both in fashion and social movements by:

RECOGNISING CAUSES – using the power of our brand to share the causes you care about.

RAISING AWARENESS – hosting incredible event experiences to spark conversation around causes and build a supportive community offering solidarity.

REIMAGINING GIVING – creating products which are appealing and effective; that look good and do good.


Husband and wife team, Anneka & Joel founded Recognised with a vision to recognise people and the causes they care about. 

Having met in Oxford in 2014, it was immediately clear to both that they shared a passion to use creativity and business for good. In early 2018 after hours of conversation talking about launching a brand with social impact at its heart, they decided the time was right. They quit their jobs and have been turning the dream into reality ever since.


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