The Power of Recognition

In 2023 the Recognised Foundation was launched to help people to feel, seen, valued and recognised.

With the mission to help grow the important work of recognising people when they need it most, The Recognised Foundation is filling critical, and yet unmet needs of through special recognition projects, as well as continuing to collaborate with existing and new charity partners.

All in the effort to use the power of recognition to help change one day at a time.

Watch the film below to learn more about the power of recognition.

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Making an Impact Together

Raise awareness

Spark Conversations

Bring Solidarity

The most precious gift of all - Recognition is taking the time to acknowledge each other's existence, taking a moment to look and see. Through our Statement Popons®, we hope to bring moments of hope and recognition at a time in your life you need it most.

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The Impact We've Made

As a community we have raised nearly £100,000 for charity
helping many people feel recognised at times in their life when they need it most. From supporting students struggling with
their mental health, women who’ve experienced domestic violence rebuild their lives and cancer patients find confidence and increased well being during treatment - every penny of your Popon® purchases has been put to work, helping those facing life’s hardest moments, know they are not alone.

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Age of Recognition Report

The Age of Recognition report is our first musings on what recognition looks like, its importance and power in today’s world, and how we can each become recognisers. Our research is supported by a survey of the UK population, insights from Psychotherapist Anna Mathur and Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings.

Discover more insights about the age of recognition, explore four key areas crucial to cultivating a culture of recognition and helping others feel seen, and join us in an age of presence and thoughtfulness.


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