The Causes

We give recognition to individuals, causes and charities to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity.

Our Statement Popons® recognise different causes and help connect people around issues and experiences in life many of us have faced. What's more, 100% of the net profits from every Popon sold are donated to charity recognition projects of your choice to help people feel seen, valued and recognised at times in their life when they need it most.

At a time when more people than ever are seeking to make a difference and support real, change-making causes through the things that they buy, our Statement Popons® are a tangible way to wear what you care about and stand with others in solidarity.

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Mental Health

Our first ever line of Statement Popons® raise support and awareness to the important issues of anxiety and depression through the Dove Popon. 

For the one in four of us that suffer from mental health challenges it can be an isolating and challenging time, making it difficult to talk about. Our Dove Statement Popon® is designed to help spark conversation and provide comfort.

Recognised Freedom Pearl Popon Pendant and Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace Recognised


Modern Slavery

There are more than 40 million people in slavery today, more than at any point in history.

Through our Pearl Statement Popon® we're supporting those working to create a world free of slavery, bring perpetrators to justice and provide support and aftercare for victims.



Cancer Support

Introducing Recognised Letters, supporting those affected by cancer. 26 Initials to help recognise those we love and stand alongside one another through the hard times.

Cancer impacts nearly all of us in some way or another, whether it is through someone we know, we've lost, or love. This is a cause close to many of our hearts which is why it is so important to be raising awareness, sparking conversations and bringing solidarity around it.

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Y Alphabet Popon Recognised



The Motherhood Popon® recognises each and every mother and the many expressions of motherhood.

You cannot paint one defining picture of what it looks like to be a mum or write one conclusive definition as to what it means. Children or no children, motherhood takes many forms and different expressions. All are a creative process to form many amazing, unique works of art - or as we’d put it... works of heart.

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Inspired by the stones on a beach, where pebbles are shaped and formed by one another, each Pebble Popon® celebrates that we are all different and unique but, like pebbles, our stories and lives are all connected to one another.

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Female Empowerment

The Recognised Female Empowerment Popon® is a beautiful and meaningful gift for every woman.

Hand engraved with the words ‘You are enough’, this Popon is a reminder that we are each enough as we are. Three words that transform everything within, shaping the lives we want to lead, the women we want to be and the world we want to see. 

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