modern slavery

Why modern slavery?

The reality that slavery still exists in the 21st century is heartbreaking. Freedom is a basic right we all should be able to enjoy and yet for millions this is not the case. We couldn't sit back and do nothing, so we dreamt up the Pearl Statement Popon® to help shine the light on the the reality of slavery today and look awesome whilst doing so.

"There are more than 40 million people in slavery today, more than at any point in history. Our vision at Justice and Care is simple. Every captive free. Every perpetrator brought to justice. We bring together specialists, we work to prevent slavery, to release and care for victims, to uncover and dismantle criminal networks and spark systemic change. With 71% being women and girls in the grip of slavery, it is poignant that we launch our partnership and pearl popon with Recognised on International Women's Day. We are proud to work with such a beautiful and powerful brand truly making a social impact to some of the most vulnerable."

At Justice and Care we are committed to doing whatever it takes to save lives and fight these crimes. This means we rescue and support victims of trafficking, slavery and other abuses. We work internationally with governments and law enforcement agencies – focusing on preventing abuse, rescuing victims and bringing criminals to justice. We also work with governments to tackle the problem at national scale. We are pro-state and low profile – working under the radar to get the job done. For eight years our main focus has been South Asia, the global epicentre of slavery. But increasingly we also work in Europe – in particular helping the National Crime Agency with transnational cases.

Core to our approach is a belief that it’s the role of the state to protect its citizens. That is why we work internationally with governments and law enforcement agencies to fight slavery and we share our expertise with people in power to spark systemic change.

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Justice and Care rescues women and children from slavery, brings to justice the criminal networks responsible and sparks systemic change. 

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Ella’s is an East-London based project providing long term, independent, rehabilitation, accommodation, and support for women exiting situations of trafficking and sexual exploitation. In partnership with other organisations, we offer training and employment opportunities, helping survivor’s to regain independence. We could not grow our work without cross sector partnership, and are therefore so excited to work with Recognised in raising awareness, funding and support. Together we can create sustainable and lasting routes to freedom for survivors of human trafficking.

Ella's provides support to women across London and beyond as they work through the trauma of their experiences. Each woman works with a caseworker to navigate the complexities of recovery, providing access to essential services so they can continue to live in freedom.

Due to an evident and growing need, we opened our first safe house in 2016, in addition to our work in the community. In the home we provide individually tailored care to each woman, and work with her to encourage independent living. 

Through Ella's, women gain a sense of community and belonging and the space to define their own future free of exploitation. 

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Ella's home is providing independent long-term aftercare for women who have experienced abuse through trafficking and sexual exploitation in London.

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