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I was first diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder in January 2013. When I think back to this time in my life, I am sad, at how desperately lonely and confused I felt. I am relieved, that 6 years later I have started to find peace and hope on a daily basis. And I am grateful for steadfast family and friends who walked alongside me, and continue to do so today. Over the years, I have seen multiple doctors and therapists, on their advice taken different anxiety medications, and self-referred to counselling services then always backed out at the last minute (yes- it is still a work in progress). And yet, the thing I know has helped me heal the most is acceptance. Accepting my anxiety. Accepting that I have bad days, worse days, and better days. Not being fearful of the fear. Accepting the love and support that others showed me, regardless of how I was feeling or what symptoms I presented that day.


And since this turn of events, I have got to know my anxiety, even become somewhat friendly with it, as I walk through each day with it by my side. I talk about it more. I tell people. And as I have done this, I have come to realise just how un-alone I am! EVERYONE has mental health, and everyone struggles to some extent. People could relate to me in some way. They COULD understand that I was battling something difficult - and even better, they could help!

Therefore, feeling ‘recognised’ - for who you are, mental health and all, is in my opinion- crucial for moving forwards. This is where Recognised is a beautifully simple concept, where just by wearing a bangle you can speak so much comfort, hope and affirmation into other people's lives. A subtle statement of ‘hey, you too?’ is powerful and not to be underestimated. When I wear the bangle, I am reminded of all the strength I have shown over the years, and I feel that little bit braver (not to mention stylish). When others wear the bangle, I am reminded that they are showing their strength and support too. I feel empowered to be me, anxiety and all. I don’t feel alone. I feel recognised.

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