The most precious gift is recognition

Recognised brings together amazing causes with beautiful jewellery to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity around some of the biggest issues we face today.

Step 1: Pick a base

Choose from a bangle or necklace

Step 2: Pick a Popon®

Each Popon® represents an important cause with 100% of profits donated

Step 3: Recognise

Give recognition to an individual or a cause close to your heart and make your statement.

our best sellers

Our most popular necklace combination complete with a beautiful Recognised Letter Popon®, supporting those affected by cancer. Each letter is available in four colour combinations.

100% of profits from this Popon® will be donated to support the important work of our charity partners, Maggie's and Look Good Feel Better.

SHOP FOR gifts

Our best selling Mental Health gift set in gold. Bought time and time again for a truly unique and personal gift. Ethically handcrafted in 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil - a gift which really does look good and do good.

100% of profits from each Dove Popon® are donated to support the important work of our charity partners, MQ and Student Minds


Pebble gift set

Gold necklace with Gold Smooth Pebble Popon®

Dove Gift Set

Gold Bangle with Gold Dove Popon®

Letter Gift Set

Silver necklace with silver disc

Pearl Gift Set

Silver bangle with Justice Silver Pearl Popon®

Heart Gift Set

Silver necklace with silver Heart Popon®