Gift Elegantly: Best Jewellery Gifts and Sets for Her Recognised

Gift Elegantly: Best Jewellery Gifts and Sets for Her

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Elegance isn't just an aesthetic, it's a sentiment. The best gifts resonate with the heart, and when it comes to jewellery, the story behind the piece often shines brighter than the jewellery itself. This guide showcases the art of gifting, placing emphasis on the meaningful stories behind each piece.

Jewellery More Than Just Accessories

Whether you spell it as "jewellery" or "jewelry", these adornments have been cherished across cultures for centuries. Their allure isn't just their physical beauty but the emotions they encapsulate: love, commitment, memory, and so much more. From silver jewellery that gleams with understated elegance to gold bangle sets that make a statement, the choice of metal, design, and gem reflects a unique story.

Earrings: The Subtle Statement

Womens earrings aren't just accessories; they're expressions. Whether it's a pair of silver earrings that add a touch of sophistication to everyday outfits, or designer earrings that are reserved for special occasions, the right earrings can elevate any look.

Bracelets & Bangles: The Circle of Elegance

The allure of bracelets and bangles lies in their versatility. A silver bracelet pairs seamlessly with casual and formal wear, while a gold bracelet exudes luxury. The bracelets silver collection from various brands brings elegance to the wrist, while gold bangles can either be stacked for effect or worn singularly for a minimalist look.

Pendant Jewellery: Emblems of Purpose and Recognition

The art of gifting is embodied not just in the choice of jewellery, but in the stories they carry and the impact they leave on our loved ones. Recognised's statement Popons perfectly capture this sentiment and can be personalised to mean so much to the person they are gifted to:

Heart PoponsIn support of Motherhood, saluting the selfless love and enduring spirit of mothers.

Dove Popons: Championing the cause of Mental Health with its serene design.

Alphabet Popons: Standing with those affected by Cancer, telling unique stories of resilience.


Pebble PoponsSymbolising Solidarity and our collective strength.


You Are Enough Popons: A powerful message of Female Empowerment urging every woman to embrace her worth.


Pearl Popons: A call to action to end Modern Slavery, valuing the essence of freedom.


Necklaces: Draping Elegance

Necklaces are more than just adornments for the neck; they're statements. From gold necklaces for women that shimmer with opulence to silver necklaces for women that offer a touch of classic elegance, there's something for every style. A personalised necklace from Recognised, for instance, tells a story unique to the wearer, making it an exceptional gift.

Caring for Your Jewellery

Jewellery, when cared for, can last generations. Whether it's gold jewellery or silver jewellery, regular cleaning, storing them in cool, dry places, and periodic checks for any wear and tear can ensure their longevity. Especially for items like a pearl necklace or silver jewlery, a little care goes a long way.

Wrapping it all together

Gifting is an art, and jewellery is one of its most elegant expressions. In a world of fleeting trends, the timeless charm of a carefully chosen jewellery piece, infused with meaning and purpose, stands out. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, make your gift count. Let it tell a story, let it resonate, let it be remembered.

Recognised Jewellery: Where Elegance Meets Meaning

Recognised isn't just a jewellery shop near me; it's a brand that brings together beautiful jewellery with powerful causes. When you wear a piece from Recognised, you're not just wearing an accessory; you're wearing a statement, an ethos, a commitment to causes that matter.

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The Alphabet Popons® were created to recognise each and every person affected by cancer. Every initial worn represents a personal story. 100% of the profits are donated to a recognition project of your choice such as Wellness workshops, run in Partnership with Maggie's cancer care centre.

Cancer impacts nearly all of us in one way or another – it’s a cause close to so many of our hearts. Time and time again Recognised Alphabet Popons are purchased in memory of a loved one, as a meaningful gift for someone going through cancer or to keep those we know in mind throughout their illness. Every initial holds so much meaning and helps keep those we love close to our hearts throughout the hardest of times.

Available in four colour combinations, our Alphabet Popons® are ethically handcrafted in sterling silver by talented artisans with sustainable materials. All Recognised silver jewellery is hallmarked and rhodium plated to protect it from tarnishing. Our gold jewellery is 18ct plated Yellow Gold Vermeil and/or 18ct plated Rose Gold Vermeil, giving the highest quality plating for the best price. 




Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Colour: Silver / Gold Vermeil / Rose Gold Vermeil
Length: 1.6cm
Width: 1.6cm


Looking for inspiration?

Sterling Silver Dove Popon Recognised
Gold Vermeil Dove Popon Recognised
Rose Gold Vermeil Dove Popon Recognised
A Alphabet Popon Recognised
B Alphabet Popon Recognised
C Alphabet Popon Recognised
Silver Smooth You Are Enough Popon® Recognised
Gold Smooth You Are Enough Popon® Recognised
Gold Textured You Are Enough Popon® Recognised
Silver Smooth Pebble Popon Recognised
Gold Smooth Pebble Popon Recognised
Rose Gold Smooth Pebble Popon Recognised