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It’s often the small things that can make the biggest difference. Through purchasing one of our beautiful Pearl Popons®, you are directly helping to fund one of our first ever recognition projects.

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Our recognition projects are our ways of giving back, to have a direct impact on the causes closest to our hearts.

We are thrilled to introduce to you ‘Recognised moments: Back to Work Wardrobe’ - a personal styling service in partnership with John Lewis & Partners that is designed to empower women when they need it most.

We are also continuing to partner with the amazing Ella’s charity, to give the women coming out of their safe house accommodation a chance to re-enter the world in style, with the power and confidence to feel truly herself.

We believe in the power of clothing and building confidence to begin to transform a woman’s self-esteem. 

We want to recognise the women who have been rescued from situations of trafficking and extreme exploitation as they re-enter the world and rebuild their lives after experiencing severe trauma. We believe in the power of clothing and building confidence to begin to transform a woman’s self-esteem. 

It is, however, about so much more than what clothes she chooses to wear, it is about what the clothes will lead to. What is worn on the outside can empower the woman on the inside and lead her to greater confidence in who she is and who she is becoming.

Buying statement pearls has really never felt so good. As you wear the symbols of hope, justice and freedom, you stand in solidarity with those women who are on their journey of empowerment… and we think it really doesn’t get much better than that!

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Freedom Gold Pearl Popon Recognised

the recognised pearl popon

The reality that slavery still exists in the 21st century is heartbreaking. Each Pearl Popon® symbolises the precious value of human life hidden away in darkness and brought into the light. They are named after the different ways our charity partners help fight slavery, by providing freedom for victims, bringing perpetrators to justice and giving survivors hope. 

Purchase alone or add to Recognised jewellery bases to complete your meaningful piece. Ethically handcrafted in sterling silver with 18ct gold plate by talented artisans using sustainably-sourced materials. All Recognised Gold Vermeil jewellery is coated in a thick layer of 18ct gold over a solid 925 Sterling Silver base, giving you the highest quality gold plating for the best price.