A Work of Heart Book
A Work of Heart Book
A Work of Heart Book
A Work of Heart Book

A Work of Heart Book

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Introducing the Motherhood Popon and Work of Heart Book - recognising each and every mother. 

You cannot paint one defining picture of what it looks like to be a mum or write one conclusive definition as to what it means. Children or no children, motherhood takes many forms and different expressions. All are a creative process to form many amazing, unique works of art - or as we’d put it... works of heart.

Just as art is unique, so are our works of heart.A Work of Heart is a collection of stories recognising some incredible women and their courage in overcoming personal challenges to create authentic and powerful works of heart.

A Perfect Gift This Mother's Day

A special gift for mother's day. You can purchase on it's own or with any of the Motherhood Popons. 

100% of profits from every Motherhood Popon sold are donated to Pregnancy Twinning and Little Village.


Wearing is caring


Each Recognised piece is ethically handcrafted with care by a team of talented artisans. We partner with a wonderful family-run workshop that delicately craft each Recognised base and Popon® to perfection. We use recycled silver wherever possible and plant over 50 trees each month to offset our carbon footprint. 

Gold vermeil


The highest quality gold plating for the best price. Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a special technique used to layer a thick layer of 18ct gold on top of a solid sterling silver base.

Unlike regular plating, we apply a layer of gold 3.5 microns thick, making it 5 x thicker, protecting and lengthening the life-time of your treasured pieces. It's so durable, we offer a free replating service which no one has needed to use so far.