This campaign brings together a group of incredible women who have courageously shared their stories about what their Popons mean to them. It’s a campaign which celebrates vulnerability, honesty and weakness as the biggest forms of strength. 

This is what the Recognised community is all about and never before have I been so convinced of the need for us to stand alongside each other and the power our stories can have to encourage one another.

Like so many of the stories here and those our community have shared with us over the past few months, there is a common thread which runs through all… The power of feeling recognised.

These stories will inspire you, give you courage amidst what you are facing and spark 'you too?' moments. 

I was first diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder in January 2013. When I think back to this time in my life, I am sad, at how desperately lonely and confused I felt. I am relieved, that 6 years later I have started to find peace and hope on a daily basis. I am grateful for steadfast family and friends who walked alongside me, and continue to do so. Over the years, I have seen multiple doctors and therapists, on their advice taken different anxiety medications, and self-referred to counselling services then always backed out at the last minute (yes- it is still a work in progress). And yet, the thing I know has helped me heal the most is acceptance. Accepting my anxiety. Accepting that I have bad days, worse days, and better days. Not being fearful of the fear. Accepting the love and support that others showed me, regardless of how I was feeling...

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Whilst working for Justice and Care, I have seen and heard about the horrific impact that modern slavery has on individuals and communities living in its grip. On a trip to India to see our frontline work, I met extremely vulnerable children, like Roji*, who was taken from his home and family and forced to work in brutal conditions, 18 hours a day, without food or sunlight. I met women who, after having been trafficked into sexual exploitation and robbed of their identities, told inspirational stories of strength and survival. And I saw the impact on communities, unable to overcome the power of the criminal networks who targeted them. This has made me all the more passionate about fighting this horrific crime and raising awareness of the injustice. At Justice and Care, we work to fight slavery globally and at every level. 

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wear what you care about

Recognised is all about supporting the causes you care about. Our Statement Popons® are designed to raise awareness of important social issues and causes, and bring solidarity to those wearing them.

I’m wearing the Dove Popon for everyone who's ever felt unrecognised. For everyone who shows up daily, who’s putting in the work, grinding and toiling but yet to get the recognition for their craft, hard work and talent like they truly deserve. For everyone who feels buried and hidden. Your time is coming. And the dove, for me is a reminder to be still. To be still in the midst of the turmoil and the wait. Stillness brings peace and tranquility. And sometimes, that’s all we need to keep going.

To me, feeling recognised is being acknowledged for something positive. This makes me feel respected, admired and also encouraged. Perhaps, it’s also an indication of doing something right- when the world accepts and approves of what I am doing…

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I often feel helpless when speaking with friends who are struggling with their mental health because there really isn’t anything I can do or say to change their situation. What they’re feeling is unknown to me, and incredibly hard for them to put into words. I’ve learned that the only thing I can proactively do is sit next to them, hold their hand, stand with them in their struggle, make no assumptions but be present. For me, this is what the Recognised Bangle represents. It’s a powerful and unique opportunity to communicate to others that we are standing with them. That although we may not understand their situation, we recognise them and their value. This is why I wear my Bangle and Dove Popon proudly. I’ll never know the full impact of those people I’ve encouraged, but I myself have struggled with anxiety and depression, and I can tell you that during the dark days, a shred of light...


100% profits donated

By donating 100% of the profits generated from sales of the Statement Popons® we partner with inspiring transformational charities and help increase their impact.

Wearing my Recognised Popon everyday reminds me of how many people in this world are facing mental health issues, and how often we feel that no one understands how it feels. Depression, anxiety or other mental health issues are often a taboo subject.

I wear my Popon because I have struggled with depression and still do to this day. We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are and what we are going through, or feel awkward when someone is telling us they have depression. I think that mental health should be spoken about and recognised just as much as having a physical illness. Often it’s even harder with a mental illness, because it doesn’t always look like anything is visibly wrong. But when someone recognises it, it’s often because they have been there...

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Recognised’s heart to support the fight against modern slavery combined with their ability to create timeless, elegant pieces of jewellery inspired me to wear their anti-trafficking popon. Having learnt about the injustices taking place across the world through the exploitation of the most marginalised in society, a sense of outrage sparked within me and fuelled my desire to try and help in any small way that I could. Volunteering for Justice and Care allows me to take action in the fight against modern slavery and wearing my popon helps to reaffirm this passion and reflect it in a beautiful way. To me, the Popon symbolises the recognition of those who are sold, exploited and forgotten whilst wearing it everyday, knowing that 100% profits go to organisations fighting human trafficking fills me with hope that the futures of such people can change.

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