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CoFashion. The concept is simple - when you buy something you feel good, but when you wear it…others feel better. 

Look Good. Do Good.

We all want to do good. Most of us would say we want to look good too. Why not do both? 

Fashion is powerful. What we wear speaks volumes, because it communicates a great deal of who we are without us needing to say a single word. 

Brands are built on this intrinsic relationship between us and them. We buy into brands that reflect our values and personality because their products reaffirm who we are and what we stand for.

What do you stand for?

We all have a cause that is close to hearts, but why is it that products that support these causes are so often underwhelming in style? 

And so Recognised started with this simple idea - to create beautiful products that unite people around causes they are passionate about. So that when we don’t have the words to say…what we wear can do the talking. 

It’s an adventure for sure and it’s not always easy to explain something abstract like ‘social impact through brand’. This is why concepts like CoFashion are so important. We’re starting to understand this space more and learning from a few marvellous brands also occupying this new terrain; like Sweaty Betty who launched their 'Support women, support the world' line earlier this year. 

We can’t tell you what this space will look like in the years to come, but we can say CoFashion is an exhilarating world to pioneer within. It has huge potential to transform fashion as we know it. Fashion that looks outward. Fashion that unites. Fashion that makes you feel good, but makes others feel better. 

Start making your statement through our first line of jewellery and Statement Popons™ here.

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